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Purge & Trap cabinet

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Users references

 Pacific Gas Engineering (USA)
People Energy
 Philadelphia Gas
 North West Natural Gas (USA)
 Dominion (USA)
 Southern California Gas (USA)
 Gaz De France
 Distrigas (E.E.C.)
 Beijing Gas Company
 Shanghai gas (Chine)
 DCNS (French Marines)
 Europe air monitoring stations Germany / France / Benelux / United Kingdom / Spain / Italy / Austria / Croatia / Slovenia / Hungary / Pologne / Slovaquie / Bosnia / Czech Republic / Serbia
 Americas : ambient air networks (Canada / USA / Brazil)
 Africa : South Africa / Benin
 Asia : ambient air networks TEPA (Taiwan / Korea / China / Thailand)
 Air Liquide
 Taiyo (Japan)
 Defense Ministry (Taiwan)
 Hyundai (Korea)
 C.R.B. Birine (Algeria)
 CORAF (Congo)
 COGEMA (Niger)
 STEG (Tunisia)
 SASOL (South Africa)
 Schlumberger (UAE)
 ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia)

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Chromatotec is a group of companies specialized in the manufacturing and sales of gas analyzers in niche markets.
The range of products is as follows :

  • Airmotec : VOC in Air and in water
  • Chroma : impurities in Gas or Air
  • Medor : sulfur in Air, Natural Gas or Biogas
  • Design and installation of turnkey units for gas process
Description of the CHROMATOTEC group :
  • In the US :
    • Chromatotec Inc. (Houston, TX) : Sales and Service for North America
  • In Europe :
    • Chromatotec SARL : Holding of the group
    • Airmotec SA : International Sales
    • Chromato-Sud : Manufacturing place
  • In Asia :
    • Mr Wang Xiao Ming - Sales support in Chinese language

Medor EX

Analyser presentation with in-built computer - Serie GC 866
airmOZONE cabinet

GC Process cabinet

Process control : Turnkey integration of an analysis system in a shelter

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