Ambient Air Monitoring


This market is driven by law and legislations made in Europe and/or USA (US EPA). It deals with ambient air monitoring : analysis / calibration / automatic zero air in continuous 7 days a week. Ambient air monitoring: in France this service is controlled by associations that calculate the ATMO index. CHROMATOTEC instruments such as the BTX ,the Sulfur and the VOC analyzers can be a good (...)

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Sulfur or odor

Sulfur compounds = TRSMEDOR H2S / Mercaptans / TOS / TRS Odor are coming from sulfur or NH3 The main advantages of Chromatotec® instruments are : 1) They are 19" rack and 4 or 5U height with everything included in the instrument (the sampling system, the trapping system and the analytical system. (except the pump) 2) They are automatic system with gas generator and automatic validation of (...)

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