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This market is driven by law and legislations made in Europe and/or USA (US EPA). It deals with ambient air monitoring : analysis / calibration / automatic zero air in continuous 7 days a week.

Ambient air monitoring : in France this service is controlled by associations that calculate the ATMO index.

CHROMATOTEC instruments such as the BTX ,the Sulfur and the VOC analyzers can be a good complement of their analyzers such as O3, CO2, DUST… in the analysis of ambient air.

1) BTEX = airmoVOC BTX FID or airTOXIC PID
Options : 1.3 Butadiene or Styrene
Monitoring of : in urban, peripheral areas or on mountains, islands or boats in the ppt range.
MCERTS certification for benzene measurement following EN-14662-3
TÜV norm on VOC (BTEX) for FID and CNR for PID

2) Ozone precursors = airmOzone PAMS ( 30 or 58 compounds) = airmoVOC C2-C6  + airmoVOC C6- C12 .
  airmoVOC C10-C18 (heavy compounds)
Calibrated with a cylinder : 58 PAMS 100 ppb at +/-1% and calculation of response factors related to Benzene.

3) CH4 / NMTHC / CO / CO2 = chromaTHC or chromaCO or airmoH-CHO.
 Also Acetone and/or Formaldehyde

Case Study airmOzone 88

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BTEX and VOC download

nothing to display Comparative study of automatic BTEX analyzers Comparative study of automatic BTEX analyzers (1.5 Mb) US EPA report US EPA report (428.4 kb)

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