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CERTECH - Symposium Emissions and odours from materials - Belgium

Hôtel Crowne Plaza, Bruxelles - 7 - 8 October 2009

CERTECH - Symposium Emissions and odours from materials - Belgium

We will introduce following topic during our conference :
On-line analysis of VOC and sulfur compounds

In waste water treatment plant the air depollution can be performed by chemical gas cleaning.

In this process we measure the concentration before and after deodorization installation with the chroma S analyser for 2 purposes:

  • Optimization of the process
  • Reception of the installation

The main sulfur pollutants to be treated are H2S and mercaptans.

In the adhesive industry, plant manufactures high-performance intermediates and products for diverse applications.

During the process, solvent are used and have to be controlled before emission in the ambient air.

Continuous and on line analysis is done with Chroma FID analyser on specific halogenated and volatil organic compounds.

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