Certification of in situ gas chromatographs measuring Benzene in compliance with EN 14662-3 under UK MCERTS scheme

The MCERTS scheme certifies that the CAMS (Continuous Ambient Air Monitoring System) of a manufacturer complies with the performance criteria of EN 14662-part 3 (Ambient Air Quality) Standard method for the measurement of Benzene concentration (automated pumped sampling with in situ gas chromatography).

Chromatotec has decided to certify two types of analyzers at the same time :

- airTOXIC (PID detector) for Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl benzene, m&p-Xylene and o-Xylene.
- airmoVOC C6C12 (FID detector) for 12 VOCs from European VOC list ranging from C6 to C12.

As of last October, all tests have been successfully completed.

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