Clean air room monitoring

The ambient air in clean air rooms needs to be constantly monitored for the safety of workers and of the production according to the environment. A clean air room is a room where the concentration of particles is controlled in order to minimize the introduction, the generation, retention of particles inside, for instance for chip production or the production of medecines.

Thanks to a 6-stream-Multiplexer, piloted by the supervising software Vistachrom, and a sequence, we are able to mointor 6 different rooms at the same time.The air coming in the room is filtered and we continuously control the presence of traces of VOC (low ppb and ppt required).

For this kind of applications, we propose the airmoVOC and the airmo C10-C18.In general samplings are sent to laboratories to be analysed.

However this operation has a significant cost and lacks of precision as far as time is concerned. If an anomaly occurs, the whole production is threatened involving important fincancial loss.In addition to clean air room monitoring, gases used for the production also need to be controlled. In this case, our analysers can be used as well.
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