Combined French Expertise for Moisture Analysis in Gas : Chromatotec is acquiring part of the activity of Opta-Periph

Combined French Expertise for Moisture Analysis in Gas : Chromatotec is acquiring part of the activity of Opta-Periph

M. Pierre Barere, owner of the French company Opta-Periph and the Amiet family, owner of the French firm Chromatotec Group are pleased to announce that Chromatotec has taken over the activity “Moisture” of Opta-Periph. Chromatotec is with this purchase increasing its expertise in gas analysis and moisture measurement. Opta-Periph will continue to produce and sell sampling systems for LNG/LPG.

 The two companies will be present during the exhibition “Industrial Analysis 2020” which will be held in Paris – Espace Champerret on September, 16th and 17th, on Chromatotec Group Booth (#C20).


After several years of collaboration, Opta-Periph and Chromatotec Group have decided to combined their French expertise in gas analysis by integrating Opta-Periph’s Moisture in gas analysis activity to Chromatotec portfolio.

With this transfer of technology, Chromatotec Group will then be able to propose complete solutions for moisture measurement in Chlorine (CL2), pure gas, including pure gases with more than 30% of Oxygen (O2) or Hydrogen (H2) as well as in pharmacopoeia medical gases and air.

The moisture analyzers can be included in different types of instruments with sampling like sensors for OEM or engineering companies, online or portable detectors for moisture at low levels (in ppm or dew point), calibration case for moisture sensor, moist gas generation case or ATEX solution.

Chromatotec will integrate those sensors in its autoGC 866 analyzers to offer complete integrated systems for process management, with moisture measurement, allowing analysis of gases both by GC or by specific sensors. It could be coupled to Vistachrom monitoring software, with alarms management.

This acquisition by Chromatotec is a first step in the collaboration of the two companies, which will continue to work on common actions in the future.


About Opta-Periph

Native market of OPTA-PERIPH funded in year 2000 was turned to Near-Infra-red technology solutions for Oil refineries. The moisture analyzers range has been developed as complement in the same period mainly on the market of corrosive gas.

The LNG sampling activity has been developed and implemented in the year 2005, at that time this global industry has seen dramatic growth and since the 2007 Opta-Periph has been recognized as world leader for the supply of patented LNG Integral Sampling and Vaporization System Series “ISOSAMPLE 8100 » providing a fully representative sample of the whole LNG transferred with processing and treatment of the on line Chromatograph information to give a reliable, robust and accurate LNG composition.


About Chromatotec

Chromatotec group is specialized in designing, manufacturing and selling online chromatographs for gas and liquid, exclusively made in France.

With offices in China and USA, the group is historically based in Bordeaux area (South-West of France) since its creation in 1986.

Chromatotec® is worldwide recognized for its leading-edge technology. Based on chromatography principle, our analyzers are focused on VOC / Sulfurs /Odor Monitoring. We produce also generators for chromatography and online calibration. These technologies allow to track individual compounds at ppt/ppb/ppm concentration levels.

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