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Conference Analyse Industrielle 2007 - Paris France

- Odours and VOC. Different experiences in France around the world

The sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide or mercaptans are present in the industrial environment and generate not only smells to be treated in an environmental purpose but also represent an important risk of toxicity.
We find them for example in the water in fermentation and consequently throughout the process of waste water in treatment plant.
In that case a quantitative analysis and a specific separation are realized by on-line and non-stop gas chromatography.
The concerned analyzer is the AirMEDOR equipped with an electrochemical cell dedicated to the sulphurs analyses.

The name of «volatile organic compounds» refers to several hundreds of compounds which result from different origins such as the road transport, the manufacturing, oil industries etc.
According to the environmental conditions the COV can react with nitrogen oxides and so can form some ozone in the low coats of the atmosphere (troposphere), hence the term “precursor of ozone”.
Some of them such as 1, 3 butadiene, and the benzene recognized as carcinogenic, have limited values in ambient air.
However for other COV some guides values also exist: their names are grouped together in a list of 30 compounds in Europe and 50 compounds (PAMS list) in the USA.
They are also analyzed by on-line and non-stop gas chromatography with the Airmozone cabinet including the “light” COV ( C2-C6) and “heavy” COV ( C6-C12) for example in approved air stations, in industrial hygiene, or in a clean air room in electronic production.
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