Did you know : Auto range & Dual Range ?

Essential features of Chromatotec Solutions : Auto range and Dual range


Chromatotec analyzers quantify and detect compounds at high (in ppm, for example, before gas deodorization unit) and very low concentrations (in ppb after deodorization process). This dual concentration range system operates using two sampling loops of different volume or loop and trap. The system automatically switches between the two sampling modes to avoid the saturation of the system and/or signal, allowing optimal monitoring of process efficiency.

Auto range is a function embedded into all of our analytical systems. This functionality, configured in the method, enables automatic adjustment of the signal’s amplification based on the measured concentration range. When a content reaches its maximum or minimum threshold, the auto range adapts its signal’s amplification, in order to adapt the measuring range. The visualization and data processing are then simplified.

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