Did you know : Cylinder free ?

Unique automatic gas chromatograph (auto-GC) cylinder-free

The use of carrier gas, from cylinder, is restrictive. Indeed, users may be concerned with the on-site use of hydrogen (H2) and the complexity of cylinder management. Moreover, the analysis can be interrupted if cylinders are not changed in time.To solve these problems, Chromatotec manufactures three gas generators to be connected to auto-GC :

  • Hydroxychrom (H2) : high purity hydrogen generator is an important tool for the incoming H2 of several detectors like FID and FPD, utilized on BTEX, VOCs and other analyzers
  • airmoPURE  : zero VOC air production for analyzers using FID or FPD detectors.
  • Nitroxychrom (N2)  : ultra high purity nitrogen generator for BTEX, VOCs, sulfur or other analyzers using PID or ED detectors.

Thanks to Chromatotec gas generators, there is no more need for a heavy and costly gas cylinder ! So then, gas generators are integrated with any analytical instrument of our product range making a unique cylinder-free auto-GC, fully automatic and standalone. It delivers reliable and certified results from an all-in-one unit without gas cylinders in rack version or integrated in a wall mounted box.

These are many features and performances of cylinder free auto-GCs :

  • BTEX auto-GC certified with success on all tests according to European Mcerts EN 14662-3
  • Low cost of ownership : Only distilled water and/or ambient air needed
  • Improved safety : No compressed hydrogen cylinders required
  • Complete autonomy : FID operate continuously, avoiding the exchange of empty cylinders
  • Better sensitivity : “zero grade” gases without hydrocarbon impurities
  • Saves space : housed in an all-in-one wall-mounted cabinet or rack version

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