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Chromatotec has expanded its offer with trace moisture probe !

After several years of collaboration, Chromatotec is acquiring part of the activity of Opta-Periph company : "Moisture in gas analysis".

With this transfer of technology, Chromatotec group offers complete solutions for the measurement of humidity in chlorine (CL2), in pure gases including gases with more than 30% oxygen (O2) or hydrogen (H2), as well as in medical air and gases in agreement with pharmacopoeia (monograph 1238 "Medical Air" - 737-3 stantard of the European Pharmacopoeia).

These sensors can be integrated into our product line or can be sold alone. This allows Chromatotec to offer fully integrated systems for process monitoring, including moisture measurement and gas analysis by GC or specifics sensors. They can be configured with the Vistachrom supervision software and integrate alarm management. The analyser is available both as process or portable version, with an inbuilt pressure reducer.

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