Did you know ? MEDOR®EASY

MEDOR®easy is a very simple auto GC-ED (MEDOR® Electrochemical wet cell Detector) for the analysis and monitoring of one or two sulfides mercaptans in natural gas and gaseous fuels.

This turnkey online solution MEDOR®easy monitor accurately all type of odorants blends, in ppm/ppb, depending on configuration

The MEDOR®easy includes the latest options developed by Chromatotec. Robust and requiring very low maintenance, this all-in-one solution, is an easy to set up on the field while maintaining an attractive price.

It analyzes H2S or others compounds like blends from Arkema Spotleak® and Chevron Phillips Sentinel® : THT / THT and TBM / DMS and TBM / MES and TBM / TBM, IPM and NPM / EM. There is MEDOR®easy configuration for each odorant or simple compounf targetted.

This MEDOR®easy is integrated in a wall mounted box, ergonomic, modular at eye level and also available in ATEX, CSA and IECEX version.

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