Did you know ? Monitoring and analysis of contaminants in liquids

The airmoVOC WMS is a unique and efficient product for monitoring and analysis in liquids. This Mcerts certified solution measures and analyzes VOCs and BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene and Xylene) dissolved in liquid matrices. Chromatotec® presents a headspace sampling system (following US EPA method 502-2) designed to extract representative samples from a liquid phase. The vaporized sample can be preconcentrated using a trap in order to achieve very low concentrations (ppb and / or ppm). Then, it is continuously injected into the auto-GC analyzer, automatically. The complete system allows on-line analysis without human intervention.

Since 2 years, this device is used for multiple applications : for the analysis and monitoring of the quality of wastewater in refining processes or the analysis of trace BTEX in source water.

This airmoVOC WMS is used in the agri-food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and perfume markets but also for monitoring drinking, sources, surfaces and wastewater as well as other type of liquids food (milk, soda, wine, spirits, etc.) and organics.


 Case study airmoVOC WMS

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