EnergyMEDOR : on-line measurement of sulphurs in natural gas - Netherlands

Session Natural Gas - GAS 2009 - Rotterdam - 11 - 13 February 2009

Transport natural gas companies require to control qualitatively and quantitatively odorants species in natural gas for safety reasons. Chromatotec has introduced the energyMedor which is a robust, compact, automated and on-line analyser designed to measure sulphur components in natural gas in the field. Proven gas chromatography technique allows for excellent separation of chemical species. A calibration standard check up is included in each analysis to ensure repeatable measurements and good operation.

Lately, Chromatotec has developed new special applications such as H2S/Mercaptans/Sulfides/THT; C1/C6+, COS in Exp enclosure. The new powerful 1.45 version of windows based Vistachrom software enables data collection and user friendly data handling. Modbus option allows for data transfer to a data logger. Thanks to gas generators and permeation tubes standards, the system is fully autonomous.

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