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We propose multiplexers (selection of multichannel samples) adapted to your installation and controlled by our software VISTACHROM. VISTACHROM can: ► "cycle" methods to analyze different ranges on each stream ► transfer data via MODBUS, specific for each stream

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Air generator - airmoPURE D

We propose a generator of high purity air for our analyzers as well as for the dilution of permeation tubes. This air can be used as carrier gas for our "MEDOR" instruments as well as for FID detector. TSP airmoPURE D

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Hydrogen generator - Hydroxychrom

Hydroxychrom is a gas generator providing high purity (grade: 99.9995%) of hydrogen used as carrier gas or fuel gas for autoGC FID (for VOCs) and FPD (for sulfur compounds). TSP Hydroxychrom

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Nitrogen generator – Nitroxychrom

Nitroxychrom is a gas generator providing high purity (grade : 99.9995%) of nitrogen used as carrier gas dilution gas for autoGC PID (for VOCs) and MEDOR (for sulfur compounds). Associated with internal calibration tubes, it allows to use specific components without oxidation risks TSP Nitroxychrom

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Wall mounted computer

We propose you a wall mounted industrial computer / box dedicated to the analyser (delivered with Windows XP and Vistachrom) - screen, keyboard and mouse not supplied.

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Internal or external calibrator

We propose a range of calibration systems with permeation tubes installed inside an analyzer or a multiplexer. In option, we can provide these calibration systems in a separate box.. Our analyzers can control the solenoide vanne selection of a standard gas cylinder.

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Cabinet in a mobile van

Sampling from a mobile laboratory

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Remote display

Visualization system and issuing of automatic reports meeting a determined period

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Wall mounted rack

Wall Mounted Rack : allows to integrate the managing analytical and electronic part (LCD display under Windows)

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Automation module

The Automation module permits user defined automated computation. For example: Average computations, specific historical files, Logging files, alarm computation…

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