Follow-up of VOC and chlorinated solvents on industrial effluents

Follow-up of VOC and chlorinated solvents on industrial effluents
The name of «volatile organic compounds» refers to several hundreds of compounds which result from different origins such as the manufacturing industries.
According to the environmental conditions the COV can react with nitrogen oxides and so can produce some ozone in the low coats of the atmosphere (troposphere), hence the term “ozone precursors”.
Some of them such as benzene known as being carcinogenic, are monitored according to strict specific rules in ambient air.

However for other VOC some guide values also exist: they are gathered on a list of 30 compounds in Europe (European directive 2002/3/CE) and 56 compounds in the USA (PAMS list of the l’US EPA: Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations).
Other gas dumpings also concern the chlorinated solvents of industrial origin and must be also analyzed.
Some of them are included in the so-called list TO14.
In this case CHROMATOTEC proposes the chroma FID, analyzer using flame ionization detection. It allows on-line and continuous measurement in the gas sky resulting from industrial effluents in ppm range with quantitative reliable and precise analyses.

44 compounds of the TO14 list have an excellent analytical response with FID, and very good response factor.
However with an equivalent analyzer with PID detector, compounds CCl4, 1,2 dichloro-propane, 1,1,2 trichloro-ethane do not have any analytical response.
As a conclusion, CHROMATOTEC guarantees wider analyses with FID.
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