Gas Chromatography: MCERTS Certification for Ambient Air Analysis of Benzene and VOCs

Published in the IET buyer’s guide 2013 edition.

Due to environmental issues, the world of gas analysis is evolving very rapidly.Governments set the rules to limit and control the environmental pollution through legislation.Volatile organic compounds (VOCs),often produced by human activities, are amongst the sources of pollution that need to be identified and quantified for safety reasons. Exposure to high concentrations of certain VOCs is dangerous, even for short times, and the impact of low concentrations of VOCs on people’s health and environment has also become amajor concern in recent years.The concentration of such
compounds can be very different depending on themeasurement area and it is a considerable technological challenge to analyse precisely and continuously the VOCs present in air within industrial walls or at the top of amountain using the same instrument. Presently,only benzene is regulated,but there aremoves tomeasure other VOCs which are known to be ozone precursors.

Article Buyer’s Guide 2013

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