Industrial air monitoring - CHROMATOTEC

Industrial air monitoring

Waste water treatment plants and land field

The aim : analyze ppb or ppb of H2S and mercaptans with the TRSMEDOR because of bad smell of exhausts from waste water treatment plants and also the toxicity of H2S and Me-SH. Usually the four Sulfurs involved in the waste water treatment plants are : (fermentation odor ) ► Methylmercaptan (Me-SH), odor+toxic ► Dimethylsulfide (DMS) odor ► DimethylDisulfide (DMDS). odor ► H2S odor+toxic ► (...)

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Clean air room monitoring

The ambient air in clean air rooms needs to be constantly monitored for the safety of workers and of the production according to the environment. A clean air room is a room where the concentration of particles is controlled in order to minimize the introduction, the generation, retention of particles inside, for instance for chip production or the production of medecines. Thanks to a (...)

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Industrial hygiene - Personnel Safety

Industrial companies produce during there manufacturing process toxic compounds such as Benzene or H2S. CHROMATOTEC analysers are able to monitor such compounds. For this kind of applications we generally find ranges of 0.1 to 10 ppm. The corresponding analysers for these applications are the chromaFID and the chromaPID, according to technical specifications (gas to be analysed, environment (...)

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Refineries and hazardous areas

Chromatotec can propose for hazardous areas (for instance refineries) specific boxes for our analysers : category 1 IIc T4 for example. In the United States and in Asia the classification is as follows : Class I, Div II, groups C and D As far as security is concerned only one carrier gas is used air or Nitrogene. It is used as carrier gas for the dilution of the permeation tube for (...)

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