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Let’s give the word to users in the USA

Let's give the word to users in the USA

Over the past few years, our company has purchased twelve Energy Medors from Chromatotec. The analyzers continue to demonstrate their accuracy and reliability year after year. We employ the Energy Medors to measure particular mercaptans of interest, specifically, injected odorant levels in natural gas. The units are maintenance friendly. And following regular maintenance practices, over time the Medors have established remarkable reliability. We continue to purchase the Energy Medors for our use at new stations because of their proven track record.

Matthew Pace ,Pacific Gas & Electric, CA


Here at PGW we have been using the Medor instrument at two locations with great success. We have one of the units connected to the plant nitrogen system which eliminates the need to change carrier gas cylinders. The only attention the Medor requires is the addition of water to the cell, as you indicated. We have archived a library of Odorization levels of our gas sent out to the City of Philadelphia.

When inspecting the Medor I often ask the workers “how do you like the Medor”? It is overwhelming to hear their response that they “love it”. In the past with our old instrumentation the operators would have to count spaces on a chart recorder then multiply that number by a chart factor to arrive at the odor level. All they have to do now is call up the data on the computer for the hourly result.

Often we exhibit of Medor system to other natural gas utilities or suppliers with pride. The purchase of the Medor system has brought our company into the 21 St. century with its technology. We are pleased with its performance and reliability.

William Jackson, Philadelphia Gas, PA

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