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MEDOR Exp Sulfurs in hazardous area

MEDOR Exp Sulfurs in hazardous area Chromatotec has engineered and manufactured the new Exp Medor designed to operate in hazardous area environment such as Class I, Division 2, group C&D and ATEX zone I and II.

Description  :

The MEDOR Exp is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated to sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) in different matrices.
Two versions exist :

  • the MEDOR Exp ppm which measures at ppm levels
  • the MEDOR Exp ppb which measures at ppb levels.

Principle  :

  • Hazardous area Ex enclosure 
  • Internal temperature and pressure monitoring
  • Loop injection by automatic valve
  • Detection is made by a gas-liquid reaction
  • Sulfur specific detector – no interferencees
  • The detector life is in excess of 10 years

Features  :

  • ASTM D7493-08 : Standard Test Method for Online Measurement of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas and gaseous Fuels
  • Fully automatic, continuous online analyzer in an Ex enclosure
  • Integrated industrial computer
  • Storage of date & time stamped chromatograms

VISTACHROM ® software 
 Chromatotec developed software system enables :

  • Remote monitoring & injection control
  • Full traceability with on board archiving of results
  • QC Set up and control of threshold alarms
  • Export of data MODBUS / MGS1 / 4-20mA / 0-10V

 TSP Industrial GC 866 Exp


Brochure MEDOR Exp

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