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Metrology and on-line Gas Chromatography on sulfur compounds in Natural Gas

Natural Gas Odorization Conference & Exhibition - Houston TX - 25 - 26 May 2010


Transport natural gas companies require to control qualitatively and quantitatively odorants species in natural
gas for safety reasons. Chromatotec has introduced the energyMedor which is automated and on-line
analyser designed to measure sulphur compounds in natural gas on site. Proven gas chromatography
technique allows for excellent separation of chemical species. A calibration standard check up is included in
each analysis to ensure repeatable measurements and good operation.
In order to improve accuracy and to validate the results permanently, Chromatotec verify continuously the
performances of the analyser testing performance criteria on uncertainty, linearity, repeatability ….,
performing intercalibration, intercomparison in customers laboratories, working on method standardisation
with ASTM and comparing results with other gas chromatography analysers (ChromaS FPD detector).

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