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Company profile

2019 Exclusive Partnership with InProcess Instruments Chromatotec and InProcess Instruments (IPI) for Online GC-MS equipment.
Selected by major companies in France, such as Total S.A., for both standard and customized solutions for the analysis of liquid samples.
Chromatotec won the US EPA tender for the supply of 12 airmOzones for ambient air monitoring.
New chemistry laboratory and meeting room in the main building.

2018 Winner of Néo-aquitain Export Award 2018
Process range enhancement : integration in ATEX wall box for benzene and sulfur compounds, analysis of oils, liquids and condensates.

2017 MEDOR Exd certified for complete speciation of sulfur compounds in hazardous areas Zone I and II

2016  US EPA recommends Chromatotec Analyzers for VOCs monitoring in ambient air.
Development of PAHs analyzers with MS.

2015 New certifications : ATEX certification for Zone 1 and 2 and ISO 17025 certification in progress (benzene calibration).
Creation of 2 private analysis stations in Saint-Antoine and the Arcachon Bay.
MEDOR® : 40 years of expertise in gas analysis.
Brand new R&D laboratory.

2014 Rich year for Chromatotec with ISO 9001 certification of the company, the GOST certification for our analyzers for the Russian market and new ATEX certification opening the doors for new markets in Petroleum, Gas and Oils.
Our Chinese subsidiary has become a Trading company.

2013 European mCerts certifications : EN 14662-3 / EN 15267-1 / EN 15267-2.
airmoVOC certificate number : SIRA MC 130231/00.
airTOXIC certificate number : SIRA MC 130230/00.
Establishment of a Chinese subsidiary in Beijing.

2012 GC/MS analyzer for industrial or laboratory applications.
New Vistachrom 1.47.

2011 European mCerts certification for VOC analyzer EN 14662-3.

2010 Purge and Trap cabinet for VOC analysis in water. PA 2010-C123 by China National testing center.

2009 ASTM Standard Test Method for Online Measurement of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas. New commercial building with training room.

2008 chromaS Universal detection with FPD of CS2, COS, SO2, in addition to THT, H2S, Mercaptans, Sulfurs- NewVistachrom 1.46

2007 New model : SO2 analyzer - New application : TO14 for halogenated compounds.

2006 European Certification (CNR - Italy) of GC866/airTOXIC - BTEX with PID detector.

2005 MEDOR - 1975 - 2005 : 30 years experience in H2S and Mercaptan analysis.
New office in Beijing : Mr. Wang Xiao Ming is your support in China.

2004 Airmotec AG Switzerland becomes Airmotec AG SA, domiciled in Bordeaux, France. Launching of the new halogenated compound detector.
Total New range - Computer inside - Completely autonomous on-line monitoring.

2002 Production site Airmotec ag moved from Switzerland to France in Virsac (near Bordeaux) Launching of the range Air Toxic with new PID detection in ambient air and industrial hygiene (Low cost instruments).
Installation of cabinets in explosion proof areas.

2001 Big investments in Research and Development in two leading projects :

  • New model of AirmOzone : Complete rack-mounted system for the so-called ozone precursors (up to 55 VOC’s EPA).
  • Vistachrom project : Piloting software of our instruments running under Windows.
  • Establishment of an American subsidiary, Chromatotec Inc in Houston

1996 New headquarters for CHROMATOTEC Group in SAINT ANTOINE near Bordeaux (France - Europe) with laboratory and workshops

1990 Creation of Airm otec AG, Switzerland (Instruments dedicated to the analysis of ambient air, a technology coming from the Swiss pharmaceutical industry).

1986 Foundation of the firm CHROMATO-SUD by the current managers in BORDEAUX.

1975 Medor range launched on the market by RN Electronique with « Gaz De France », (Research Center)

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