NEW ASTM D7493-08 and EXP medor

NEW ASTM D7493-08 and EXP medor

Gaseous fuels, such as natural gas, petroleum gases and bio-gases, contain varying amounts and types of odorous sulphur compounds. Their accurate on-line measurement is essential to gas processing, operation and utilization, and of regulatory interest.

ASTM has recently developed a new Standard TEST METHOD for online Measurement of Sulfur Compounds in Natural Gas and Gaseous Fuels by Gas Chromatography and Electrochemical detection.

The energymedor manufactured by Chromatotec is the perfect equipment to fulfill this new ASTM method. Some of the features of the analyzer are: separation by chromatography technique, user friendly software, auto-calibration, calibration on each analysis via permeation tubes for safety reasons, robustness and reliability.


Now, Chromatotec has also engineered and manufactured the new EXP Medor designed to operate in hazardous area environment such as Class I, Division 2, group C &D.


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