Natural gases / LPG

Desodorization : ppb

The energyMEDOR ppb allows the end user to observe the speciation of each component of the Sulphur present in natural gas, or for quality control of disulphuric gas (ppb) after desodorization. In these two sub markets, the different end users are : ► general natural gas companies. ► natural gas transport companies (chromaS because of COS) ► natural gas storage companies. ► LPG companies (...)

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Odorization low ppm

The aim : analyze H2S and mercaptans concentration in natural gas (ppm). These mercaptans are added to natural gas to make it smell to make it detectable by the human nose (odorization process and odorization control in pipes) : energyMEDOR ppm / 30 years experience. The compounds usually used to odorize natural gas vary from one country to another but are usually : Ter Buthyl Mercaptan (...)

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