New Vistachrom 1.5 version

Vistachrom software provided by Chromatotec to allows piloting our GC analyzers with access to the main parameters. It collects and analyzes the results via Peak Viewer. This tool ensures automatic integration of the peaks.

The most important improvements for the user included in this latest version 1.5 are :

  • Integration of HydroxychromViewer and NitroxychromViewer as instrument applications. Gas generators are now monitored by Vistachrom like the analyzers.
  • Improved ergonomics of access to RTDB data. A connection indicator has been added to the status bar.
  • Better visualization of trends. Colors used to represent each substance can now be chosen and the scale display is no longer limited to whole numbers.

Trend view on PeakViewer 1.4.9 (left) vs. PeakViewer 1.5 (right).

  • The number of substances per group has been considerably increased : it can now reach 200 ! This allows using several signal amplifications during the same sequence. Especially important for those interested in odor index calculations. Indeed, the software makes the sum of the concentrations of all the compounds in the gas mixture taking into account the odorous power of each molecule.
  • Manual integration option available. The user can define the beginning and the end of a peak with the mouse by holding down the CTRL key. Then, the software calculates and displays the concentration, without modifying the original file.

Definition of peak and result

  • Programmed ignition functionality. Good news for the owners of devices with FID or FPD detection ! No more manual activation of the switches in the front of the analyzer to ensure H2 entry and light up the flames. From now on, a button allows to do this automatically after the computer reset.

New ignition tab to enable ignition.

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