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Odor and odorant monitoring solutions

Specific solutions for odor monitoring :

  • At very low concentration level : the vigi e-nose analyzer is as sensitive as the human nose for most of the molecules responsible of bad smell in ambient air.
  • Up to ppm levels : the THT or the energyMEDOR analyzers are designed for the analysis of sulfur odorants, such as H2S or mercaptans in different matrices (natural gas and gaseous fuels). This results in reduced maintenance, and can save up to 4,000 gallons of odorant saved per year.

airmoMEDOR : Online analysis and monitoring of odorous sulfur compounds

The airmoMEDOR® is an automatic gas chromatograph (autoGC) for the analysis and monitoring of trace amounts of Methyl-Mercaptan, Ethyl-Mercaptan, Di-Methyl-Sulfide, Di-Methyl-Di-Sulfide and Di-Ethyl-Sulfide by electrochemical wet cell detection (MEDOR® technology). The airmoMEDOR® can be used for : monitoring of urban and non-urban pollution monitoring of industrial nuisance deodorization (...)

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vigi e-nose

The vigi e-nose is an analyzer able to track VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia for example. It allows to provide a rich global fingerprint to correlate with human sensory evaluation as dynamic olfactometry as example. It is possible to train the vigi e-nose with human sensory samples to study correlation with ASTM 679-E04 or EN 13725. As electronic nose, it provides (...)

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When vigi e-nose analyzer is associated with a local meteorological weather station installed on-site, it is possible to appreciate impact of potential emissive sources. The software vigiODOR integrates the real-time information of the chemical and olfactive global fingerprint to model the dispersion of odors around industrial sites. It offers automatic notification for odor exceedance levels (...)

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energyMEDOR : Sulfur, Mercaptans and odor measurement

Online analysis and monitoring of sulfur compounds in natural gas

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Odor & VOCs monitoring for Odor & Chemical Control Units (OCU)

Methane, Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbons and Total Hydrocarbons with ChromaTHC-OCU

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THT MEDOR : Odor measurement (THT)

Online analysis & control of gas odorisation

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NH3 analyzer by UV spectroscopy

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