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Natural gases, biogas, LPG

Turnkey solutions for biogas quality control

Chromatotec has developed an autonomous, robust and reliable solution to ensure continuous quality control of the biogas produced. This solution is based on a reference technology, gas chromatography with a TCD detector (GC TCD), which provides interference-free and precise results. This solution integrates a hydrogen generator which supplies the GC TCD with the carrier gas it needs. It makes (...)

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Deodorization process monitoring

Steam reforming is a process used to produce high amounts of Hydrogen from methane. In this case, we have to obtain a superior quality of methane and purify it from all odorant compounds present in natural gas. To ensure the accuracy of the deodorization process, it’s needed to monitor the amount of sulfur compounds emitted while being separated from the natural gas. Chromatotec solution (...)

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Pipeline Integrity

H2S/Total Sulfur analyzers for Natural Gas pipeline integrity monitoring

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Analysis of odorants and other sulfur species in LPG

LPG is odorized to alert in case of leakage. Typical sulphur containing odorants area mercaptans such as TBM and EM, THT, organic sulphides such as DMS or mixtures. Gas Chromatography can provide the quantitative speciation of these odorants in LPG to check the effectiveness of the odorization. However, there is a need to perform these analyses directly from the liquid phase because the (...)

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Hydrocarbons C1-C6+ measurement for Calorific Value and WOBBE index computation using the chromEnergy

The chromEnergy is an automatic and industrial gas analyzer designed for the measurement of hydrocarbons in natural gas. Using a Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD), the analyzer is the perfect tool to detect and quantify hydrocarbons from C1 to C6+. Coupled with the last version of Chromatotec’s software (Vistachrom), the instrument is able to provide calorific value and WOBBE index to the (...)

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Ne / H2 / O2 / N2 / CO / CH4 / CO2 analysis with chromaTCD

The chromaTCD is an automatic industrial gas analyzer. The sample comes through the sampling loop. Then the sample is injected into an analytical column for separation. The system uses packed or capillary column. Application example : The first column allows to separate CH4, CO2 from the composite peak (Ne, H2, O2, N2, CO), and the compounds of the composit peak are separated on the second (...)

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Deodorization: ppb

The energyMEDOR ppb allows the end user to observe the speciation of each component of the Sulphur present in natural gas, or for quality control of disulphuric gas (ppb) after deodorization. In these two sub markets, the different end users are : ► general natural gas companies. ► natural gas transport companies (chromaS because of COS) ► natural gas storage companies. ► LPG companies (...)

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Odorization low ppm

The aim : analyze H2S and mercaptans concentration in natural gas (ppm). These mercaptans are added to natural gas to make it smell to make it detectable by the human nose (odorization process and odorization control in pipes) : energyMEDOR ppm / 30 years’ experience. The compounds usually used to odorize natural gas vary from one country to another but are usually : Ter Buthyl Mercaptan (...)

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