Presentation ACHEMASIA 2007 - Beijing China


Mr Amiet’s presentation
Friday, 18 May 2007 – 10.15 a.m.
Forum 1 (between Exhibition Hall 2 and 3)

Volatile Organic Compounds represent more than 300 identified compounds. Non methane hydrocarbons from 2 to 12 carbon atom number are the main part of VOC in urban ambient air.

Due to their negative impact on human health, they are now considered are first priority pollutants. Benzene, 1, 3-butadiene and formaldehyde are known to be highly carcinogen. More over they have been recognized to play, together with nitrogen oxides, an active part in tropospheric ozone formation. For these reasons, governmental authorities now recommended the survey of individual VOC. In Europe experts agreed on a list of 30 compounds, while in the United States 50 compounds have been retained in the famous PAMS list.

The airmOzone bay offers the possibility to monitor continuously a wide range of ozone precursors down to ppt levels.

The system is constituted of two gas chromatographs; each of the unit is dedicated to the analysis of a specific range of compounds: the airmoVOC C2-C6 allows the analysis of C2 to C6 VOCs, as the airmoVOC C6-C12 is dedicated to higher compounds. The second module can also analyse the chlorinated solvents in presence of the BTEX.

The two analysers can be integrated in a cabinet equipped with a Hydrogen generator, a Zero Air generator and a permeation unit making a complete automatic and stand alone system with no need of external cylinder.

Datas on the stability of the system in terms of retention time and peak areas as well as the linearity of the response will be shown. The capabilities of the software, as the possibility to perform remote control and calibration of the system will be demonstrated. Finally, real life examples with identification of VOCs from the PAMS list will be presented.

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