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Trace H2S (0-1ppm) in Hydrogen

H2S measurement in process reactor effluent for H2 recycle in the petrochemical industry

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Odorization injection and control

Mercaptans or THT are added to natural gas to make it smell and to make it detectable by the human nose (odorization process and odorization control in pipes). energyMEDOR ppm : 30 years’ experience. The compounds usually used to odorize natural gas vary from one country to another but are usually : ► Ter Buthyl Mercaptan (TBM) ► TetraHydroTiophene (THT) ► MethylEthylSulfide (MES) (...)

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Plant Protection and process optimization

Problem: Analyze total chlorines as well as organic compounds with a quick time response. Motive: Protects and authorizes the incinerator functioning : ⇒ VOC limits the ability to incinerate ⇒ Chlorine and fluorides limits the ability to incinerate to protect the incinerator Analytical Solution: ⇒ VOC analyzed from the FID GC ⇒ The total Halogenated compounds • Installation of a (...)

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