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Worldwide known for its leading-edge technology, our group offers gas analysis systems with in-built computers and its own developed software, Vistachrom, to pilot these process analyzers.

Auto GC 866 analyzers range


Light Volatile hydrocarbons and 1,3-Butadiene analyzers: airmoVOC C2C6

The instrument uses a 6-port valve with a single sorbent trap, and a metallic capillary column.

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Formaldehyde analyzer: airmo H-CHO

airmo HCHO is designed for the measurement of formaldehyde in air or pure gases.

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Heavy Volatile Hydrocarbons analyzer: airmoVOC C6C12

Capable of analyzing up to 32 compounds from C6-C12 (used in airmOzone) or PAMS

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Benzene / Toluene / Ethylbenzene / Xylenes analyzer: airmoVOC BTX

A GC/FID instrument for BTEX monitoring in air, water and soil

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BTEX and 1,3 Butadiene analyzers: airTOXIC BTX PID

A GC/PID for automatic monitoring of BTEX in air, water and soils

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Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) analyzer: chromaFID

A GC/FID instrument for automatic, continuous analysis of Volatile Organic Compounds (20 ppb to ppm).

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BTEX analyzer with PID detector: chromaPID

A GC PID for automatic monitoring of compounds, in air, water or soils.

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VOC and volatile PAH analyzer: airmoSCAN XPERT

Automatic Gas Analyzer for Volatile PAH compounds and VOCs monitoring

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Total HydroCarbons analysis with chromaTHC

CH4 and Non-Methane Total Hydro Carbon (NMTHC) Monitoring and analysis of Methane and Non-Methane Hydrocarbons by flame ionization detection (ppm level (...)

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Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons analyzer: airmoVOC C6-C16

A GC/FID instrument for Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons measurement in ambient air

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Ozone precursors (PAMS 56) and Toxics monitoring with airmOzone

An all in one solution including dual combined autoGCs FID: airmoVOC C2C6 and airmoVOC C6C12.

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Sulfur compounds

Sulphur compounds analysis: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH by chromaS

Automated online analysis & monitoring of Sulphur Compounds: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH

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Sulfur / Mercaptans / odor measurement with energyMEDOR

Online analysis and monitoring of sulfur compounds in natural gas

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H2S analyzer: H2S MEDOR

Analyser for continuous on-line monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide

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Sulfur compounds analysis by TRS MEDOR

The TRSMEDOR is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated to sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) in different matrices. Two versions exist : the TRSMEDOR ppm (...)

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Sulfurs / Mercaptans / odor analyzer: MEDOR Exp

Chromatotec has engineered and manufactured the new Exp Medor designed to operate in hazardous area environment such as Class I, Division 2, group C&D and ATEX zone I and (...)

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Sulfur compounds analysis at very low concentration using an airmo S

An autoGC-trap-FPD for low sulfur quantification

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Sulfur Compounds / Mercaptans / odor analyzer : MEDOR Exd

Chromatotec has engineered and manufactured the new Medor Exd designed to operate in hazardous area environment zone 1 without any purging system

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Odor measurement (THT) with THT MEDOR

Online analysis & control of gas odorisation

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vigi e-nose

The vigi e-nose is an analyzer able to track VOCs, Sulfur compounds and other molecules as ammonia for example. It allows to provide a rich global fingerprint to correlate with human sensory (...)

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Odor & VOCs monitoring for Odor & Chemical Control Units (OCU)

Methane, Non-Methane Total Hydrocarbons and Total Hydrocarbons with ChromaTHC-OCU

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Permanent gases

CO / CO2 / CH4 /HCHO analysis with CHROMA CO

A gas analyser using flame detection with a catalytic methanator module to analyse CO and CO2 for monitoring gas purity and electronic gas measurement. A 19" inch rack mountable chassis, 4U (...)

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Ne / H2 / O2 / N2 / CO / CH4 / CO2 analysis with chromaTCD

The continuos mode permanent gas monitor. A highly automated system for routine field measurement of permanent gases on the range.

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Hydrocarbons C1-C6+ measurement for Calorific Value and WOBBE index computation using the chromEnergy

Calorific value and WOBBE index computation with chromEnergy

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Permanent gases analyzer: CHROMA DID-He

The continuous or discontinuous mode permanent gases monitor for laboratory or online. A highly automated system for routine measurement of permanent gases on the range : ppb or ppm. Process : H2 (...)

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NH3 analyzer by UV spectroscopy

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Mas Spectrometers



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Process mass spectrometer for direct analysis

GAM 2000 and GAM 3000 (IPI)

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Calibration systems with permeation tubes are used to provide automatic data validation and to ensure a good stability of the analytical solution.

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Chromatotec supplies complete cabinets with complementary instruments, in-built computer and appropriate accessories into a cabinet with option of air conditioning for accurate and complete (...)

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Wall mounted computer, remote display and automation module.

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Gas generators

Air, hydrogen and nitrogen generators for completely autonomous solutions, without the need for gas cylinders.

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Sample introduction systems

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