Pure gases / Gas Manufacturers

Food and Beverage Industry

Detecting CO2 impurities: Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Total Sulfur Content, Total Hydrocarbons, SO2, COS.

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The medical industry

Impurities in air ( chromaCO )or O2 or N2O. Formaldehyde or ETO or CO.

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The Specialties industry

Quality control of VOC in nitrogen or helium. Cylinders used for calibration. airmOzone PAMS (30 or 58 compounds). All Mercaptans compounds at very sensitive levels (down to 1 ppb detection limit). ppt (30 to 3000 ppt) in option

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The U.H.P. industry

Air Liquide, Praxair, Air Products, BOC, Messer, Linde, Takachiho , Aga ... need to control the amount of impurities : Quality control before delibery to customer like : Petrochemistry, chemistry… Chromatotec also supplies for pure gas manufacturers the airmoQuality that is a complete 19" rack cabinet including one, two or three analysers, one industrial computer, one calibration unit… (...)

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The Bulk industry

It deals with the quality control according to the following conrol: 4.0 (99.99 %). We can propose this application with the analyser chromaTCD.

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