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Pure gases / Gas Manufacturers and corrosive

European Pharmacopoeia and medical gases

Continuous moisture detection and monitoring in medical and pure gases such as O2, thanks to our moisture monitor the DET H2O.

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Moisture monitoring in Chlorine and corrosive gases

Absolute moisture monitoring in Chlorine and corrosive gases

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Food and Beverage Industry

Detecting CO2 impurities: Ammonia, Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Total Sulfur Content, Total Hydrocarbons, SO2, COS.

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The medical industry

Impurities in air (chromaCO) or O2 or N2O. Formaldehyde or ETO or CO.

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The Specialties industry

Quality control of VOC in nitrogen or helium. Cylinders used for calibration. airmOzone PAMS (30 or 58 compounds). All Mercaptans compounds at very sensitive levels (down to 1 ppb detection limit). ppt (30 to 3000 ppt) in option Case Study airmOzone 88

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The U.H.P. industry

Air Liquide, Praxair, Air Products, BOC, Messer, Linde, Takachiho, Aga, etc. need to control the amount of impurities before delivery to customer in petrochemical or chemical industry. For pure gas manufacturers, Chromatotec also supplies the airmoQuality : a complete 19" rack cabinet including one industrial computer, one calibration unit and one, two or three analyzers for : Pure gas at ppm (...)

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The Bulk industry

It deals with the quality control according to the following conrol: 4.0 (99.99 %). We can propose this application with the analyser chromaTCD.

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