SVOCs, VOCs, PCB and PAHs monitoring in ambient air

The airmoVOC C6C20+ TD/GC FID analyzer is dedicated to the measurement of hydrocarbons from C6 to more than C20 including semi-volatile and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) with a sensitivity in the range of low ng/m3.

Volatile PAHs measured in standard are : Naphthalene (C10), MeNaphtalene, 1-Me-Naphtalene, Acenaphtene, Acenaphtylene, Flourene, Phenanthrene, Anthracene, Fluoranthene, Pyrene, Benzo(a)anthracene, Chrysene, Benzo(b)fluorath, Benzo(k)fluorath and Benzo(a)pyrene (C20).

This system is used by various reference institutes and universities to monitor PAHs in industrial site, tropical forest and on site under decontamination.

 TSP airmoVOC C6-C20+

 TSP autoGC-MS C6C20+

 TSP autoGC-MS 866

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