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Sulfur compounds analyzers

Sulfur compounds analyzers

airmo range analyzers:

Analysis of VOC/BTEX in ambient air at very low concentration levels (ppb/ppt) thanks to precontration using a trap. This technology comes from the Swiss pharmaceutical industry. Partnership with airmotec AG SA in Swiss and airmotec GmbH in Germany in 1990 and 1991.

Chroma range analyzers:

Analysis of impurities in gas and in industrial air through loop injection at ppb/% concentration levels. This range has been developed since the creation of the company Chromato-Sud in 1986.

Medor range analyzers:

The MEDOR® is a sulfur specific Electrochemical wet cell Detector (ED) for the analysis of sulfur compounds in natural gas (gas company) and ambient air (Waste Water Plant application) since 1975.

H2S MEDOR : Hydrogene sulfide

Analyser for continuous on-line monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide

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H2S/TOS TS MEDOR® : H2S, total organic sulfur and total sulfur

The H2S/TOS TS MEDOR® is an autoGC-ED (MEDOR® Electrochemical wet cell Detector) for the analysis and monitoring of H2S, TOS and TS.

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airmoS : mercaptans and sulphides in ambient air

An autoGC-trap-FPD for low sulfur quantification

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TRS MEDOR : H2S, mercaptans and sulphides

The TRSMEDOR is an automatic and isothermal gas chromatograph dedicated to sulfur compounds analysis (H2S, mercaptans and sulphides) in different matrices. Two versions exist : the TRSMEDOR ppm which measures at ppm levels and the TRSMEDOR ppb which measures at ppb levels. TSP TRS MEDOR

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energyMEDOR H2S, mercaptans, THT, sulphides and total sulfur

Online analysis and monitoring of sulfur compounds in natural gas

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chromaS : H2S, COS, CS2, SO2, RSH

Automated online analysis & monitoring of Sulphur Compounds: H2S / COS / CS2 / SO2 / RSH

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MEDOR Exp Sulfurs in hazardous area

Chromatotec has engineered and manufactured the new Exp Medor designed to operate in hazardous area environment such as Class I, Division 2, group C&D and ATEX zone I and II.

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MEDOR Exd : sulfurs in hazardous area

Chromatotec has engineered and manufactured the new Medor Exd designed to operate in hazardous area environment zone 1 without any purging system

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