TRS MEDOR in multi-site project

TRS MEDOR in multi-site project

The Challenge:

The TRSMEDOR is now well known as a highly tried technique. CHROMATOTEC receives many orders for this instrument.

CHROMATOTEC supplies 3 cabinets of analyses integrating the TRS MEDOR on 3 different sites to monitor the deodorization of 3 water-treatment plants of urban waters. Alarm level at 4 ppb.

The real challenge is no longer to have reliable results with the instrument (it is now acquired above all in France) but to satisfy more and more demanding specifications:

order in number
to obtain the Canadian accreditations of correspondence: CSA (Canadian Standard Association), CEC.
Intervention within 24 hours in case of breakdown.
Annual maintenance contracts
The solution:

⇒ Constitution of cabinets of analysis IP 55 including the TRSMEDOR, an air purifier, a system of calibration and the sampling system with pump from analyzer to sample in stack emission.

⇒ Continuous and on-line measurements of the TRS "Total Reduced Sulfur".

CHROMATOTEC could join one of the most highly-rated distributors in Canada: ROMATEC.

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