TRS applications

TRS applications
The TRSMEDOR is an instrument dedicated to the measurement of Total Reduced Sulphur compounds in ambient air with applications in waste water treatment and landfills.
Economical and easy to use, the TRSMEDOR gives accurate and fast results within 5 minutes.

 This system can be declined also from the simplest to the most complete configuration from single rack to complete cabinet.

Example of configuration for complete cabinet TRSMEDOR
⇒ TRSMEDOR analyzer
⇒ Supervisor 19" in 5U rack with LCD screen
⇒ Communication protocol airmoCOM
⇒ 6-stream-multiplexer 19” rack (according to the number of sampling points)
⇒ Zero air generator 45 psi airmoPURE
⇒ Driver alarms and calculation
⇒ All instruments in a cabinet (can be air conditioned)
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