Total hydrocarbons : THC & BTEX

Discover more about our ChromaTHC

The ChromaTHC is a ppm range methane and non methane total hydrocarbon (THC) analyzer which uses flame ionization detection (FID).

It is a continuous online fully automatic gas chromatograph with a cycle time of 5 minutes and an extremely low detection level.

Whether it is used in an ambient air, emission, industrial hygiene or pure gas applications, the ChromaTHC consistently delivers accurate, reliable results with unattended operation 24/24.

Furthermore it can be installed together with our airmoBTX FID or airmoVOC C6-C12 FID to provide an extremely versatile system that can measure total hydrocarbon concentration and also the concentrations of specific VOCs of concern such as Benzene, Toluene and Cyclohexane.

Large cost savings can be achieved with a combined installation. The ChromaTHC can use the airmoBTX’s internal computer and both analyzers can share the same hydrogen and pure air supply (supplied by our Hydroxychom and airmoPURE gas generators).

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