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Trace Moisture Analyser

Electrolytic moisture monitor hygrometer


Moisture measurement by industrial electrolyser in gaseous samples for concentration between 30 ppb and 5 000 ppm(v) H2O.

The analyser is realized both as process or portable version


Reference instrument : fundamental measuring principle based on Faraday’s law of electrolysis, does not require calibration.

Measurement accuracy : long term accuracy has been proved while other type of instrument required frequent recalibration. 

Contamination resistance : even for corrosive gases such as chlorine or H2S.


A first type of application is the calibration of the other moisture monitors of market, such as Aluminium Oxide Sensors requiring validation : the ppm moisture generator PGE combines a dilution of dry and water saturated streams with electrolysis of the mixture : gas standard can be generated in the range of 30 ppb and 5 000 ppm(v) H2O.

OTHER APPLICATIONS : are related to the Industrial, Medical, Chemical, Petrochemical and Natural gases purity for electric power, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals etc....

Some dedicated applications have been developed such as :

  • Moisture monitoring at outlet Chlorine gas driers with sample wetted materials in Monel 400 , PTFE , glass and platinum.
  • Moisture measurement in Natural Gas with porous membrane barrier for glycol, Hg ...contaminants elimination.
  • Moisture measurement in Refinery Catalytic Reformer with corrosive version for HCL, CL2 and H2S contaminants.

​The complete sampling system is engineered for the application and the assembly ATEX certified for zones 1 & 2 when required.


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