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airmoVOC C6-C20+ : Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons analyzer

A GC/FID instrument for Volatile and Semi Volatile Hydrocarbons measurement in ambient air

The airmoVOC C6C20+ is used to monitor VOCs up to the semi volatile hydrocarbons in industrial site, tropical forest and on site under decontamination.
With detection limit as low as 1 ppt for Benzene or Naphthalene the system can measure gaseous PAHs in ambient air in continue up to Fluorene and linear alcanes up to N-Hexadecane when coupled to Mass Spectrometer.
The fully automatic and in filed system allow to detect such compounds thanks to internal sampling line and ultra-high sensitivity.

Specific Vistachrom Software is used to pilot the instrument as well as the peripherals (e.g. gas generators) which can be provided with the instrument.

 TSP airmoVOC C6-C20+

TSP autoGC-MS C6C20+

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