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CHROMATOTEC ISO 9001 certified since 2014 (24 November 2020)

A solid proof of seriousness of the company for its on-going customer-focused efforts !

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

Chromatotec® type-certified ATEX and IECEx zone 1 group IIC T4 (10 December 2018)

Chromatotec is proud to announce its new type certifications obtained for our autoGC 866 analyzers dedicated to the monitoring of VOCs, Sulfur compounds and permanent gas in classified areas.

These solutions are provided in a pressurized configuration (Exp) enclosure for ATEX and IECEx zone 1 group IIC T4 environments.

Thanks to these new certifications, Chromatotec can provide monitoring in hazardous areas such as refineries and petrochemical plants as well as in process for Benzene or Sulfurs for odorants quantification in natural gas or LPG.

Several configurations are possible for analyzers :

  • Sulfur compounds analyzers at ppb, ppm or up to %* : MEDOR product line (autoGC-ED).
  • Benzene for hygiene or process control at ppb or ppm : chromaPID (autoGC-PID).
  • Permanent gas or process application at ppm or % : chromaTCD (autoGC-TCD).
  • BTEX, Styrene and other VOCs in ambient air at ppb and ppt : airTOXIC (trap-GC-PID).

* % can be achieved with a specific sampling valve.

Several configurations are possible for peripherals :

  • Multiplexer controlled by the analyzer to collect samples from several points and perform the measurement with a single instrument.
  • Touch screen on front panel.
  • Nitrogen generator (Nytroxychrom) from instrument air for operation and use as carrier gas (MEDOR and PID). Avoid gas cylinders or transportation.
  • Liquid Sampling Valve for LPG or gaseous fuels analysis without the need of vaporizers.
  • Gas Sampling Valve for high concentration measurement : high ppm or %.
  • Temperature regulation system for outdoor installation
  • Internal calibration unit with permeation tube and the possibility of multipoint automatic calibration.
  • Purge system to extract volatile compounds from liquid to gas phase to analyze VOCs in water or Sulfur in liquid Hydrocarbons.

These developments open new application possibilities !

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nothing to display ATEX Exp certificate ATEX Exp certificate (50.2 kb) ATEX Quality Assurance Notification ATEX Quality Assurance Notification (143.3 kb) IECEx Exp certificate IECEx Exp certificate (293.1 kb) IECEx Quality Assessment Report IECEx Quality Assessment Report (86 kb)

Standard for ambient air quality : MCERTS EN 14662-3:2015 and EN-15267-1 and -2 (26 July 2018)

Standard for ambient air quality : MCERTS EN 14662-3:2015 and EN-15267-1 and -2

airmoVOC and airTOXIC from Chromatotec are used as reference for the EN 14662-3:2015 norm. 

Test was carried out by NPL Laboratory and the MCERTS Certificate was approved by SIRA.

Chromatotec is also European Standard EN 15267 compliant, for the product certification of automated measuring systems (AMS) for monitoring emissions from stationary sources and ambient air quality. 

MCERTS Certificate airmoVOC

MCERTS Certificate airTOXIC

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nothing to display NPL Laboratory tests report NPL Laboratory tests report (10.4 Mb) IET Buyers' Guide 2013 article IET Buyers’ Guide 2013 article (1.9 Mb)

Related Norms :

Chromatotec certified EN 15267-2 for quality management and production control (26 July 2018)

In accordance with the MCERTS certification obtained for its GC 866 analyzers, it has been certified by an audit performed by SIRA that Chromatotec complies with the EN 15267-2 norm.

This one ensures that production is meeting the requirements in terms of :

  • quality management system
  • initial assessment of the manufacturer’s production control
  • continuing surveillance of the effect of subsequent design changes on the performance of certified automated measuring systems.

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nothing to display MCERTS certificate airTOXIC MCERTS certificate airTOXIC (505.9 kb) MCERTS certificate airmoVOC MCERTS certificate airmoVOC (506.3 kb)

Quality Policy (3 October 2014)

The managing board has implemented a quality policy since 2014 whose commitments and objectives are presented on the document entitled "Déclaration de la Politique qualité de la direction".

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nothing to display Quality Policy Statement Quality Policy Statement (494.8 kb)

airmoVOC BTEX line obtains GOST accreditation! (5 September 2014)

This new certification completes the chromaFID, chromaS and TRS Medor product line and demonstrates the well-known recognition of our solutions by the Russian market.

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nothing to display (299.9 kb) (1 Mb) (732.2 kb)
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